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Earn $50 for every customer you refer!

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They’ll get $50 off their first bill too.

Using your unique referral code, your neighbors and friends can sign up for our services and you’ll earn a $50 credit applied automatically to your bill when their services are turned on. Your referral will also give them a $50 credit on their first bill.

There are no limits to the number of referrals you can have, so we encourage you to share with everyone!

Share Your Referral Link

The fastest way to get your referral code out there and have it automatically entered into the signup tool when visitors click your link, making sure you get the credits you earn.

Sharing your URL with your neighbors and friends on social media is a great way of collecting referrals. Sharing your link inside of groups, using hashtags, and creating stories are all great ways

Yard Signs

Show off your high-speed internet and share your referral code with all your neighbors with a QR Code built into the sign that your neighbors can scan from their phones while out on walks or driving by.

Click here to request yours today!

QR Code

Email us to get a custom QR code that you can have your friends scan and automatically be signed up under your referral code.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I get my $50 credit?
    • When your referral gets their services installed and turned on.
  • Is there a limit to the number of customers I can refer or credits that I can earn?
    • Nope! We encourage everyone to get as many referrals and credits as they can. We have customers who haven’t had to pay for internet in months 🙂
  • How do I get my yard sign?
    • Please visit this page to request one.
  • When do my referrals get their $50 credit?
    • On their first bill after services have been turned on.
  • Do I need to do anything in order to refer my friends?
    • No. All customers are assigned a referral code at sign up and can instantly start using it to refer people.
  • Does the person I refer receive a credit?
    • Yep! They will receive a $50 credit on their first bill after their services have been turned on.